How to Keep a Healthy Home with Pets

Pets can add an immense amount of joy to the lives of their owners. No matter what animal you have, your pet quickly becomes your whole world. They love unconditionally and provide great companionship, which is why they deserve to live in a happy, healthy home, just like you do. Read More Here

Thank You #FirstResponders


Are you or someone you know a #firstresponder who is in the process of buying or refinancing a home? We would like to thank you for always being on the front line to help others in a disaster whether it be a hurricane, flood, fire, etc. To show our thanks, we will be offering an… [Read More]

The $1.4 million mistake too many Millennials are making

9/13/2017: Millennials are doing lots of good work with our savings. We’re saving earlier than our parents did. We’re saving more too. All that despite making around 20% less than our parents did at the same age. But there’s one thing many of us are doing wrong: We’re investing in the wrong things. Read More… [Read More]

Here are 7 design features home-buyers look for

9/11/2017: Staging your home to sell can feel more like an art than a science — stack these books here, pull this chair over there — but Trulia recently looked to the numbers to determine the features most often used as selling points. Click Here to read more