What does the impending Gov’t Shutdown mean for your mortgage


  04/24/2017  With the impending shutdown set for Friday we wanted to share some tips with what you can do to avoid delays: Make sure the lender has ordered your IRS Transcripts (AKA 4506T Results).  If they have not press them to order today Make sure the lender has verified your social security # with… [Read More]

Do the following to drastically improve your CREDIT!

04/21/2017  I want to thank Attorney R. Richard Croce (Richard Croce <rich@rrc-llc.com>) for confirming the following steps to drastically improve your credit: Go to your bank and get a secured credit card (you provide the funds and the bank holds them thus securing your line of credit) Go out and get 3 credit cards This… [Read More]

Today is tax day. Here’s what you need to know


04/18/2017  When it comes to filing your taxes, today is not the day to dawdle.  Tax returns are due today — April 18, 2017 — as is any remaining money you owe to Uncle Sam for 2016. So if you still have an unpaid balance for last year, you’ll have to act fast to avoid… [Read More]

10 unique kitchen storage solutions

04/17/2017  How can your cooking space ingeniously accommodate everything you need while also looking original and exciting? These 10 great solutions offer some fresh ideas — not to mention storage eye-candy!  Read more Here:  http://www.foxnews.com/real-estate/2016/04/29/10-unique-kitchen-storage-solutions.html

1 Simple Strategy to Shave 4 Years off a Mortgage


  04/11/2017  It’s a well-known fact that the faster you can pay off your mortgage, the better. But how exactly can you do that? Today we wanted to share one simple strategy to shave four years off of your mortgage…Read more here:  http://www.foxbusiness.com/markets/2017/04/10/1-simple-strategy-to-shave-4-years-off-mortgage.html

16 Brilliant Lighting Ideas You Can DIY on a Dime


04/10/2017  Construct a glass pendant to show off that trendy Edison bulb. This one was made from a glass terrarium and a swag kit. Simply flip the terrarium over, drill a hole through the metal base to accommodate the bulb socket…Read more here:  https://www.bobvila.com/slideshow/16-brilliant-lighting-ideas-you-can-diy-on-a-dime-51001?slide_name=diy-glass-pendant-light#.WOuuIGkrLBo

Here’s what you need to qualify for a reverse mortgage

04/07/2017  Home equity conversion mortgages, more commonly known as reverse mortgages, are another avenue for homeowners to add to their financial assets and retirement plans. Reverse mortgages give older homeowners another source of income, giving them a financial boost to remain in their home and age in place, or the funds to keep up with their… [Read More]

10 Bathroom Trends You Might Regret

04/05/2017 Patterned Floor Tiles Graphic patterned floor tiles are currently hot, hot, hot. But trends change. And when they do, a tiled floor is not something you can just swap out. Not only is it expensive work, but it may require a professional’s help. If you must jump on the patterned floor bandwagon, opt for… [Read More]